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Update on the site optimisation for now on the first page of Google for the search terms 'garage doors bolton' 'garage door bolton' 'garage door repairs bolton' 'garage door repair bolton'. This took only six days to get from page 4 to page 1. If you would like your site to be on page 1 of Google give me a call 01942 792540 - it will cost less than you think!

Further update on my battle for top spot on 'website design bolton' in - I am winning! The short term measures implemented by my competitor have failed and he's down to 10th - I am back at No 1!

Everyone says they can get you on Page 1 of Google - I don't just say it....I do it.
Have just started work on another new website It is challenging in that, I need to get the site on Page 1 of Google for very competitive keywords and in the UK and America! One thing is great though - I had an idea for the design as soon as I spoke to the site owner and I am very pleased with the template outcome. Although the site is no-where near finished, I think I have captured the theme/mood for this project and it will prove to be a great success for the owner.
Peter Honour
Appear to be having a little battle at the moment with another website design company in Bolton who wants top spot for the 'website design Bolton' keyword. It is ironic that the company in question is the one that got me into this business in the first place (A good example of why not to spend £10-15,000 on a website.) Check out my about us page for more info about this little saga. The thing is the other company don't even make their own websites - it's an American franchise where massive production centres in India and America, even Australia make your site. When they made mine, an Indian woman started it in one web language then went on maternity leave, another guy took over and wrote the rest of the site in another web language, then when another Australian guy took over, as the site didn't work, and wrote the rest of it in a third web language... no wonder it didn't work! That's why I call my site…

Busy Busy Busy - Big demand for websites!

05.02.09 The year has certainly taken off for Websites Wot Work - I have had lots of enquiries and have many orders waiting to be completed. I am currently working on 3 new websites (with 7 others scheduled) which all provide different challenges. is a website designed for the product launch of Taskman pressure washers. The site has been designed by Taskman's marketing manager as a Photoshop picture but converted into html by Websites Wot Work. This could cause a problem with the search optimisation but we'll see. is the second site which I have nearly finished - just waiting for bits and bobs from the company. The site has been part optimised and has already began appearing on Page 1 Google for certain search terms and it's not finished yet! has just been completed - this is a site that addresses a gap in the care market for the elderly. The owners hope to attract business from independant elderl…