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Lean Manufacturing Northwest Business Process Improvement Bolton

Improve My Process - Business Process Improvement Northwest UK We aim to exceed Business improvement requirements and build lasting partnerships with our customers We offer a wide range of practical support to small & medium sized businesses to improve organisational profitability, through sustainable performance improvement. Our aiming is to serve Manufacturing, Office based and Service organisations.

Lean Manufacturing SpecialistSix Sigma Black BeltKaizen Process Mapping,VSMProblem DiagnosisOperational ExcellenceBusiness AssessmentWaste ReductionProcess ImprovementStaff Motivation & TrainingIncrease ProfitabilityEnergy Management Each process improvement project is designed to meet the unique requirements and desired outcomes of the individual business.

Working with the Company and its employees to facilitate the development of a tactical plan to improve work processes and performance.

A complete assessment of the business from a lea…