Thursday, 5 February 2009

Busy Busy Busy - Big demand for websites!

05.02.09 The year has certainly taken off for Websites Wot Work - I have had lots of enquiries and have many orders waiting to be completed. I am currently working on 3 new websites (with 7 others scheduled) which all provide different challenges. is a website designed for the product launch of Taskman pressure washers. The site has been designed by Taskman's marketing manager as a Photoshop picture but converted into html by Websites Wot Work. This could cause a problem with the search optimisation but we'll see. is the second site which I have nearly finished - just waiting for bits and bobs from the company. The site has been part optimised and has already began appearing on Page 1 Google for certain search terms and it's not finished yet! has just been completed - this is a site that addresses a gap in the care market for the elderly. The owners hope to attract business from independant elderly people who would like to remain in their own homes. Excellent progress but not total succes in getting on Page 1 Google so some little tweeks will follow.
Back to the hard work then! Websites to build you know.
PS just done a bit of optimisation on a site I didn't build but the owner wanted to be on Page 1 Google Only needed minor changes to the keywords and some text on the page - expect success within the week!

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