Friday, 6 February 2009

Appear to be having a little battle at the moment with another website design company in Bolton who wants top spot for the 'website design Bolton' keyword. It is ironic that the company in question is the one that got me into this business in the first place (A good example of why not to spend £10-15,000 on a website.) Check out my about us page for more info about this little saga. The thing is the other company don't even make their own websites - it's an American franchise where massive production centres in India and America, even Australia make your site. When they made mine, an Indian woman started it in one web language then went on maternity leave, another guy took over and wrote the rest of the site in another web language, then when another Australian guy took over, as the site didn't work, and wrote the rest of it in a third web language... no wonder it didn't work! That's why I call my site Websites Wot Work.....because they do! PS if you go on their site it's not even finished - says a lot about them!

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