Thursday, 7 July 2011

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New website for vat consultants Manchester Electron Vat Consultants.

Electron VAT Consultancy was established in 2008 and has over 20 years experience both from employment by HMC&E/HMRC and from private practice.

We primarily serve accountancy practitioners who do not have in-house specialist VAT staff. We are also retained as consultants by businesses including those with a turnover exceeding £100 million, however we are not too big to be out of touch with small and medium enterprises.

We advise on all VAT matters but our experience when working for HMRC, especially within the Tax Avoidance Partial Exemption (TAPE) team, means that complex issues involving land & property VAT, partial exemption VAT, charities etc. are within our scope. Also, we have experience of Cross-Tax Evasion (CTE) investigations whilst within HMRC and can help with VAT Investigations.

Our charges reflect our expertise but are not inflated to burden our clients with the overheads that other consultants may incur.

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